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Prospective Members - You are more than welcome to come along and ride with us a handful of times to try it (try us!) out before you will be required to join (it’s only £15).

Club Membership provides you with the following: 

  • Links to a network of local cyclists.
  • Entitlement to discount at certain retailers.
  • Affiliation to British Cycling (BC), Time Trials (CTT), Cycling UK and The Welsh Cycling Association. 
  • A comprehensive calendar of Club events.
  • Invitation to a range of social cycling activities and the Annual Dinner and prize presentation.

…. and much more ….


Ross-on-Wye & District Cycling Club Membership categories:

  1. Senior (18 +) £15 per year.
  2. Second Claim* £15 per year.
  3. Under 18 (£5 but please contact us before joining)

All memberships renew on the 1st November.  Please setup a standard order annually for £15.   In your first year you can pay a reduced amount to cover the rest of the current year using the table below   

Joining Month First year amount due
November £15.00
December £13.75
January £12.50
February £11.25
March £10.00
April £8.75
May £7.50
June £6.25
July £5.00
August £3.75
September £2.50
October £1.25




* Second claim members - The way cycling clubs work you can only be a First Claim Member of one Club – basically, this is related to racing, and only being allowed to race representing one club in any given season. Cyclists wishing to also be members of other clubs (while they are away at University, working away or close to a holiday home for example) can join as Second Claim Members.

Second claim members have the same rights as First Claim other than not being eligible for Ross-on-Wye & District Cycling Club Club Awards.

To join the Club online please complete the online Application form. You will be contacted by the membership secretary with online banking details. 

Alternatively, print off the paper application form and return to the membership secretary (details on the form) with a cheque payable to Ross-on-Wye and District Cycling Club. 

The membership Secretary will contact you for a general hello and welcome chat. Your Membership will be activated once payment is received. On becoming a member you will be able to post in the member's forum on the club website.