Club Kit

The picture below shows the club's colours. We hold a small stock of racing and training kit (shirts, shorts, skin suits etc.).

Please see club stock for what we have available in stock, and visit the forum for more information.

Please note our skinsuits are supplied from NoPinz. There is no minimum order, you will use nopinz like a shop. Pick your skinsuit and size and pay on their website. 28 days later your skinsuit will be with you. Sizing is for you to get right, the club has no involvement. If unsure contact nopinz (
Password: RossCC19

Existing/New Members

If you have not bought any kit as either a current member or as a new member there is an offer for £15 off you first item of kit. This can be any kit but only for the first item. Example a jersey priced at £49 you would pay £34. Any further items would pay full price for. See the club stock page for more information on the kit.

Current Kit


Pre-December 2016


Older style (retro)