The Holly run 18th December 2021
29/10/2021 10:10 AM

The Holly run will be the 18th December. There is no meal but will be a ride with stops and the final stop we are hopefully sorting chips and mince pies. The ride will be available soon but won't be any more than 30 miles at a social pace to suit everyone. 

If you are wanting to come please head to

to sign up so we have an idea of numbers of people and can let the final stop know in advance for chips and mincers.

**Please make sure you follow all Government COVID Laws and guidelines, which we will be doing so**

13/12/2021 11:32 AM
As many will know it's the Holly Run Saturday.
The weather looks good (for winter) see pic below.
If you haven't signed up yet and still want to, click the link below

Advisable for those coming, is to do a lateral flow test beforehand. They are free online and from pharmacies and take minutes to do.

Route and all information (and sign-ups) can be seen at this link:

No photo description available.